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Let's Get Jumpin!

Let's Get Jumpin!

Let's Get Jumpin!Let's Get Jumpin!


Volunteers are the foundation of 1,2,3 JUMP and we need your gifts and talents to help us make a difference in the lives of others! Whether you're 15 or 75, we have various opportunities available for you to serve. 

You can volunteer for camps and special events, work on virtual projects, or come into our office location to serve weekly with our team. We ask that you commit to a minimum of 4 hours of service per month for at least 3 months to volunteer at our office. 

Upon completion of our Volunteer Overview, you will be able to gain more volunteer experience & serve in other capacities such as engaging with our youth or coordinating events. 



These section is for current 1,2,3 JUMP volunteers who've completed all three steps below.

We are currently in need of volunteers in the following areas:

  • Administration/Data Entry
  • Social Media Marketing

If you are skilled in these areas click below to schedule time to volunteer in the office. We have time slots available from 9 a.m - 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. on Monday thru Friday. 

Volunteer Opportunities


Engage and teach students about fitness, healthy living and different jumping styles such as single rope, long rope,  Chinese jump rope, and Double  Dutch.

Administration/Data Entry

Help with data entry input, document creation, and various office related duties. 

Special Events

Assist with scheduled events,  help lead jump rope activities, volunteer table, and recruitment.


Help with creative  projects in music development, video production, photography, digital editing, and more.

Marketing and Social Media

Create and manage the social presence for

 1,2,3 JUMP by utilizing digital marketing strategies on a variety of social platforms.

Print and Web Design

Design and create layouts and content for landing pages, websites and promotional materials.  

Event Coordinating

Organize volunteer related activities and events and serve as an effective communicator to assists with volunteers and building awareness on behalf of 1,2,3 JUMP in the community.

Fundraising/Grant Writing

Help raise funds and serve as a voice to promote 

1,2,3 JUMP's vision, goals, and services offered to the community.

Youth Leader

Assist with scheduled events, help lead jump rope activities, youth volunteer recruitment,  and teaching different jumping styles such as single rope, long rope, Chinese jump rope, and Double  Dutch. 



Complete your online volunteer application.

After we receive your information, you'll receive a follow up from a volunteer representative at our office. 


Complete your background check.

This is a one time fee of $13.95 to cover the cost of your background check. 


Complete your volunteer overview.

During this time you'll learn more about 1,2,3 JUMP, specific ways you can support, along with guidelines & responsibilities as a volunteer. 

Complete STEPS

Type of Volunteer Opportunities

Under 18

18 & Over 

Group Volunteer

Required Service Hours Request

We appreciate your commitment and dedication to become a volunteer with 1,2,3 JUMP. Take the first step by clicking the link below to complete your application. 

Background Check

Background Checks can take up to 72 hours. 

To help ensure safety, background screens for volunteers are a necessity and a top priority for anyone who wants to volunteer. 

Take the second step by clicking the link below to complete your background check.

Volunteer Overview

Your overview will be completed on the first day you serve as a volunteer. 

You'll learn more about 1,2,3 JUMP, get to know the team, and ask specific questions pertinent to your volunteer service.  

Take the third step by clicking the link below to sign up and schedule your volunteer time.